IBCex DAC

IBCex "DAC" is decentralized autonomous physical company incorporated in US

IBCex manged by an "ICO" token | shareholders

IBCex will register companies in US, China, Japan and Switzerland according to a Roadmap

IBCex provide with exchange services for fiat, cryptos and other pegged assets

IBCex provide NO RISK Handshake protocol with NO OWNERSHIP (by an IBCex) for assets exchange

MultiSig wallets co-signed by a user makes an exchange more secure

An exchange service will enable P2P Tellers Pool for P2P service

Price & Liquidity will be achieved through an integration with all important market players

Derivatives trading Futures & Options on crypto-currencies and other pegged assets

"Savings Accounts" are formed from the margin trading and Blockchain integrated

Pegged assets are hold in separate seggregated accounts and used as a collateral for trading

Pegged assets are fully collaterized by the median price of IBCcoin on external exchanges

IBCex will accept Market Maker Financial Gateways

IBCex will act as an intermediary | trust for creating and managing physical companies

IBCex will create affordable Whitelabel solutions to promote IBC, liquidity and exchange 


14 Wall Street , Manhattan,
New York 10005, United States


Phone:  +1 (347) 293-18-00
UK:     +44 (203) 608-48-10