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                                                                ICO Terms

The "IBCcoin" tokensale will commence on November 17, 2017 and run for 60 days or until funding limits are achieved, whichever comes first. The goal of the crowdsale is to secure funding to finalize the development of the "IBCcoin" Platform and bring the product to Market

                                                                Use of Token

Conversion to "IBC" coin 1 to 1 after the launch
Token distribution
Total supply: 10,800,000 tokens
Token supply: 333 IBC for every ETH during the ICO
Crowdfunding milestones: 5,000 ETH
Minimum contribution: 0.5 ETH
According to FinCen restrictions on KYC/AML procedures US residents are not eligible to participate
Additional details at

                                                               Use of proceeds

ICO proceeds as well as the Foundation’s tokens will be spent in line with the Foundation’s goals,which are all related to further development of the "IBCcoin" network.

Areas of spending will include engineering, research, communications and marketing, legal services, business development,infrastructure and licensing

50 % of ICO milestone contributions will constitute a pay-out for Areas of spending

50 % of ICO milestone contributions will constitute a pay-out to development and support teams for 2 years

50 % over the milestones will conduct Miners Pool formation for shareholders additional income and to fuel an eco system

Over-the-milestone contributions will speed up Roadmap Time-to-Market


14 Wall Street , Manhattan,
New York 10005, United States


Phone:  +1 (347) 293-18-00
UK:     +44 (203) 608-48-10