The platform

"IBC ledger" is an open source decentralized PoS platform with a smart contracts verification

The ledger will secure/escrow multiple assets, Derivatives, Savings Accounts and Companies.

The ledger manage multiple crypto wallets,ERC20 tokens and Smart Contracts execution

The ledger is capable to accept 100 000 transactions per second (100k TPS)

Each block consist of up to 20 000 transactions and issued each 3 minutes

The ledger verifies transactions based on a 60% Miners Consensus

"IBC coin" has a deflationary fixed cap of a 108 millions coins

Miners reward is 50 coins per block

Low transaction fee as 0.001 IBC


14 Wall Street , Manhattan,
New York 10005, United States


Phone:  +1 (347) 293-18-00
UK:     +44 (203) 608-48-10